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Dachshund Car Sticker

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Size: Length 16cm

Length 16cm
Length 19cm
Length 22cm
Length 25cm
Length 28cm
Length 13cm X 4cm

Color Name: Style-1



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Product Description:

*Size: 13CM / 16CM / 19CM / 22CM / 25CM / 28CM

*Material: high-quality PVC environmental protection material

*Features: waterproof and sunscreen, non-fading, easy to install, just paste.

*This is a die-cut decal made of high-quality material, superior to bumper stickers, can be used on the outside of the vehicle for up to 6 years and can be used to cover small scratches or dirt on the body. Decals can be applied to most clean and smooth surfaces such as windows, mirrors, laptops, refrigerators, bodywork and more! There are many sizes of decals to choose from, you can choose to buy after measuring where you need the decal!

Package includes:

1*Car Sticker

User Guide:

* Car sticker method (dry sticker method)

Tools: rag, scraper, or credit card

1. Cleanse the body and keep it dry.

2. Determine the paste location. Under normal circumstances, paste slowly, while scraping with a tool, tear off the backing paper.

3. If the picture is not big, you can also tear off the transparent transfer film and sticker before pasting. But care must be taken not to cause accidental sticking.

4. After pasting, scrape and press repeatedly several times. Remove the clear transfer film.

5. Use a utility knife on the door and seam, then insert the bag.

6. Do not let the sticker and the body have any separation or protrusion.

* How to apply large car stickers (wet sticking method):

Tools: rag, sprinkler, scraper, or credit card

1. Clean the body and sprinkle water evenly on the body part to be pasted to reduce the stickiness of the sticker and facilitate the adjustment of the position.

2. Determine the paste location. While pasting slowly, gently scrape the paper with a tool.

3. If it is a door handle or anti-friction strip, it should be cut and wrapped according to the situation.

4. Proper adjustment. After confirming the approximate position of the figure, wipe off the water and air bubbles repeatedly. Remove the clear transfer film.

5. Use a utility knife on the door and seam, then insert the bag.

6. Do not let the sticker and the body have any separation or protrusion.

7. Try to let the moisture in the sticker dry completely, if possible, moderate heat to dry. Depending on the weather, wash the car in a day or two.

Cleaning method:

Lightly scrape the edges of the sticker with your fingernail, then peel it off completely. It does not leave any marks or damage the paint. If it is cold in winter and the corners cannot be scraped off, you can use a hair dryer to properly heat the adhesive tape, and it is easy to remove after the adhesive becomes soft.

Sticker culture:

Car stickers are commonly known as "pull flowers" and are known to have originated in the United States. It first appeared in the form of the public, and gradually transformed into a kind of auto parts with the progress of humanities.

Different "pull flowers" can make you feel different. How do make "Lahua" more personalized, it belongs to your personal style! In racing, we will find that every car is colorful and eye-catching.

This is the effect of body stickers.

How to make your car unique? Stickers are the fastest and cheapest way. Car stickers are like people's clothes, which can be changed at any time.


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