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Dachshund Winter Jacket

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Dachshund Winter Jacket

Your Wiener will be ready for any weather with our Dachshund Dog Jacket!

Size(S,back,neck,chest):7.87"/20 cm, 8.66"/22 cm,11.81"/30 cm
Size(M,back,neck,chest):9.84"/25 cm,10.24"/26 cm,14.17"/36 cm
Size(L,back,neck,chest): 11.81"/30 cm,11.02"/28 cm,16.54"/42 cm
Size(XL,back,neck,chest):13.78"/35 cm,12.60"/32 cm,18.11"/46 cm
Size(XXL,back,neck,chest):15.75"/40 cm,13.39"/34 cm,20.47"/52 cm

1. Material: the coat adopts three different material-polyester spinnings, cotton, and fleece, which are high-quality and friendly to the skin. The coat is breathable and comfortable, safe and non-toxic, and can provide the best user feeling.
2. Design: the stand-up collar and funny dog patterns are perfect for dogs and suitable for all occasions. Dogs can become more attractive after one coat, and you can show your different tastes in fashion.
3. Easy to Wear: the button design can let you feel easy to wear clothes for dogs, and dogs can also feel comfortable so that they will cooperate with you, and you can save much time and effort.
4. Warmth: the coat can keep dogs warm but not let them feel heavy because of the exquisite craft and the moderate thickness. It can let them get away from the cold and prevent them from being ill.
5 Hygiene: the two legs design and the big mouth of the tail and perineum can promise the dogs will not dirty the coat when they go to the toilet.

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